The Trust welcomes the decision to freeze season ticket renewal prices for existing season ticket holders, however it also has a number of concerns, as highlighted by comments from our members.

The Trust notes that the proposed pricing structure creates a three-tier pricing structure that not only differentiates renewals and new applications, but further seeks to set a new price for those who were driven to buy season tickets either ahead of or during the 2017/18 season. The Trust wishes to ask the club for clarification on the decision to introduce this new pricing bracket, and why fans who chose to support the new ownership at Leeds United are paying a penalty for doing so.

The Trust has also been informed by some members that half season tickets were sold to them on the basis that they would be able to take advantage of renewal prices for the 2018/19 season. The new renewal bracket was not communicated to these supporters at the time of purchase.

The Trust also requests that the club extend the renewal deadline past March 30th to give fans opportunity to save and plan for what is a significant financial outlay.

The Trust will be picking up these issues directly with the club on our members behalf.