Over the weekend, a number of members expressed concern over matchday ticket prices, prompted by the new ticket pricing structure released on Saturday.  As promised, we contacted Angus Kinnear at the Club to explain and justify the increase.

We have summarised the club’s response below.In addition to the statement provided by the club on Monday 25 July 2017, we add the following:

  • The Club states that, as no increase to ST renewals and junior match ticketing has been applied for several years now, the current cost has dropped behind the rising inflation rate. The CPI (Consumer Price Indexing) is currently running at around 2.1% per year.
  • Buying a season ticket now works out 40% cheaper than buying on a match-by-match basis.
  • The increase is around 5% or £2 per match. The Club calculated this by factoring in that non-season ticket holders will attend on average 5 home games per year so the financial impact is £10. Some fans may go to more or less than the 5 the pricing model is built around, but in layman’s terms, its around 2.5 pints a season (depending on where you drink).
  • The members’ discount scheme (£5) will still be in operation so savings can be made by becoming a member.
  • The Club will be looking to introduce bundle offers (a suggestion made in our email) so occasional attendees can benefit from discounts.
  • The Club informs us that its main source of income is from matchday ticketing, and tell us that this figure is around 2% of a Premier League team’s TV income. The Club also states, “The board have committed that every penny of ticketing income goes into investing in the first-team squad” They also add that “This extra revenue is important for Leeds to compete with teams receiving parachute payments”.
  • They have tried to keep pricing on a level with other similar standard Championship teams, such as Sheffield Wednesday.
  • Angus also responds that the new A+ Category has “been introduced to provide early transparency for supporters as to the pricing of any exceptional fixtures where demand outstrips supply (like a title decider or a play-off semi-final).”
  • The walk-up pricing has been left in place to incentivise fans to buy early to avoid issues with ticketing and staffing on match days.
  • In addition to the other responses the club states “Ultimately our objectives and that of the fans are completely aligned. We are trying to do everything to maximise our success on the pitch and give every fan in the Leeds family and our City a club they are proud of. Hopefully the amount of transfer activity and investment to date is a sign of intent in this regard. Happy to discuss any of this further and I hope that whilst this might never be a popular move it can at least be viewed as a well-intentioned one.”

We thank the club for their speedy and detailed response and believe that – if the above promises of bundles, discounts and investment in the team are kept – then it is reasonable to increase the costs of tickets slightly. We understand that elevated ticket prices will affect some fans’ and members’ ability to attend games but hope that the discounts offered will alleviate some of that financial pressure. The Board is satisfied with the considered response from the Club.