Following the success of the Centenary Exhibition, we’re pleased to announce that will going into added time with the collection and it will now be open every weekend until Christmas. The extended dates will also take in two more home games and we will be refreshing the exhibition with some new items that will be on display that have been shared by the club which includes items from the Revie and Wilkinson Era, a display dedicated to the Champions League and the very early years, we’ve also new items from our collectors and fans.

These are our final dates and it will be your last chance to come and visit the Exhibition as will not be extending to any further dates.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who’s supported us and visited the collection – we’ve had overwhelming feedback on the set up and this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our partner Banana Kick and the amazing fans who have loaned and trusted us with some amazing items and collections.

The weekends are:

  • Sat 30th Nov/ Sunday 1st Dec  (Sat – Middlesbrough at Home)
  • Sat 7th Dec/Sunday 8th Dec
  • Sat 14th Dec/ Sunday 15th Dec (Sat – Cardiff at home)
  • Sat 21st Dec/ Sun 22nd Dec
  • Tuesday home game against Hull City is to be confirmed.

Tickets for the final dates are here: