Following the announcement that Leeds United Supporters’ Trust is bringing the Safe Standing Roadshow to Elland Road, held in conjunction with Leeds United Football Club and Jon Darch, a number of Trust Honorary Members have shown their support for Safe Standing.


The roadshow follows news that Leeds United has joined the EFL and Football Supporters’ Federation’s ‘Stand up for Choice’ campaign which will poll supporters across the Football League over whether they are in favour of re-introducing safe standing at games.


The roadshow is an opportunity for fans to test the authentic rail seating and to pose any questions to Jon and has seen engagement from a number of Leeds United fans and Trust honorary members who are in support of Safe Standing.


Commenting from the Club, Angus Kinnear, Leeds United MD said “We are delighted to welcome the roadshow to Elland Road – one of the most traditional football grounds in England. We want our supporters to view games in the most enjoyable way possible, as long as safety is ensured and we applaud the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust and their efforts.”


Ralph Ineson, Actor and Leeds United Supporters’ Trust Honorary Member said “I am a big fan of the introduction of safe standing, at 6’2” I can’t sit properly in stadium seats and over the years have had many injuries from falling over them during goal celebrations. I hope the EFL see sense and allow safe standing areas in all grounds”


Simon Rix, Bassist with the Kaiser Chiefs and Leeds United Supporters’ Trust Honorary Member said “When I travel to away grounds with Leeds, everyone stands at the games, there seems no reason why this can’t be legalised and managed in a way that makes it comfortable and safe for supporters of all ages. I am totally behind Safe Standing and  

congratulate Leeds United Supporters’ Trust for organising the roadshow. I’m looking forward to testing the new rating seating on the 15th.”


Heidi Haigh, Author and Leeds United Supporters’ Trust Honorary Member said “As someone who has followed Leeds United for over 50 years and have experience of standing on the terraces in the past and standing in seats, I am behind the idea of safe standing. Having seen celebrations in some seating areas when a goal is scored depending on the how steep the stand is, this can be dangerous too. Many a time this hasn’t felt safe at all and having rails there would prevent someone flying a few rows down the stand as I’ve seen happen a few times. Rails would also give people walking up and down the aisles, something to grab hold of too. Standing at football games also enhances the atmosphere which is traditional in my eyes.”

Karl Harrison, Former Rugby League Great Britain Player and Leeds United Supporters’ Trust Honorary Member said “I am behind the Safe Standing initiative and would encourage everybody to sign the petition in support of getting it legalised. This is another great initiative by the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust and I’d encourage others to join up and become a member.”

Darren Harper, Radio Presenter and Leeds United Supporters’ Trust Honorary Member said I think it’s great we are finally looking seriously at this, fans want to be able to stand, but want to do it safely. This is a great initiative from The Trust to engage Leeds fans in the process.”

The event will be held in the Pavilion at Elland Road on Tuesday 15th May from 7pm. The evening will involve a Q&A with Jon and the opportunity to test the unique rail seating.


The event is open & free to all supporters, just sign up in advance:


Leeds United Supporters’ Trust