Due to the recent changes with the clubs ticketing policy for the upcoming game against Aston Villa, we have today spoken with the club for further clarification.

Historically, as a Season Ticket Holder, you have been able to purchase up to 3 additional seats per game. As a member, you could purchase up to 10 tickets earlier in the Season, which was then revised down to 4 tickets per membership later on in the season. There used to be thousands of spare tickets per game, meaning this hadn’t previously been an issue. However, Leeds now have 22,000 Season Ticket holders along with 26,000 Members, who are all vying for tickets. The club told us they recognised this to be an issue and that they needed to take action to enable as many paying members as possible the opportunity to attend games.

For Aston Villa, there are going to be 7000 tickets available solely to members. If the club hadn’t taken action by modifying the ticketing policy, members would have had just a 4.1% chance of obtaining a ticket. With the new policy in effect, the club said members will have a 26.92% chance of obtaining a ticket. The reason behind this is that buying patterns have changed within the last few months, with members and season ticket holders on average now buying 3.5 tickets per game. This resulted in the allocation being taken up much quicker, often before the tickets made it to general sale.

We discussed the frustration which Silver members have expressed, explaining how it could be argued that their membership is now essentially irrelevant. We also discussed how Season ticket holders and Platinum/Gold members who have been attending games with a family member or friend also feel let down by the change of policy so late into the Season. This was acknowledged, and the club told us they have tried to ensure that the maximum possible amount of members who gave a commitment to the club are able to attend, instead of people buying tickets to pass on to non-members.

We did discuss the option of beam backs situated in key places around the city, to enable as many fans to come together to see the game as possible, and though the club was unable to commit to this, they said that this something they could possibly look into.

Though not disclosed, it is our thought that this ticketing policy will also be in place should Leeds end up in the Play-Offs, and again in the Play-Off finals.

We also asked for clarification on next Season’s policy, along with the agreement that it would be consistent and adhered to for the entirety of the 2019/20 season. The club confirmed that the policy would be issued after the end of the current campaign.

Finally, we raised the issue of ticket reselling, after we received multiple people reporting websites offering tickets at astronomical costs. The club told us that they are working with these reselling sites to try to quash this as it is not acceptable. The club is continuing to combat this exploitative behaviour.