Leeds United Supporters’ Trust is joining forces with Andy’s Man Club to host a mental health awareness session for fans during the break in the football season.

The session will be held at Elland Road in Box 39 on Tuesday 9th July at 7pm and is free to attend. The event is set up for those looking to find out how to get regular support at any of the established Andy’s Man Clubs around the country or they can just to go along to seek a little bit of advice.

The nationwide charity was set up after 23-year-old Englishman Andy Roberts took his own life. The devastation that hit his family was also followed by something more positive when his brother-in-law, professional rugby player Luke Ambler, became determined to prevent as many families as he could from going through similar trauma.

He formed Andy’s Man Club, which has now become one of the most important organisations working to help men’s mental health. The club is growing at a fast rate and its success shows the depth of the problems among men crying out for a place to share their issues.

Leeds United Fan, Andrew Dalton said “As someone who has suffered with their own mental health for a number of years, I know how much these support groups can offer a lifeline. As a big Leeds Fan I’m looking forward to attending a session in surroundings that I feel comfortable in and would urge others to come along if they need some support.”

There are no mental health professionals working at Andy’s Man Clubs, it bases itself on people who are also there for the same reasons as everyone else: to share experiences, talk things over, try to give each other support.

Leeds United Supporters’ Trust Said “We are delighted to facilitate one of the Andy’s Man Club sessions which we hope will help to challenge the stigmas of mental health and to promote suicide prevention. If people feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings we hope it will help to reduce social isolation and to contribute to safeguarding people in crisis.”

Andrew Greenway, Project Development worker for Andy’s Man club said “This is an amazing opportunity for us to raise more awareness of our sessions that run in Leeds and the surrounding areas and to challenge the stigmas around male suicide and mental health. To have the support of the supporters’ trust and for them to offer us the chance to talk about our work at such an iconic venue is amazing. Thank you for this opportunity to get out to all of your followers and to talk about #ANDYSMANCLUB. If the session gets the information out to one person it has been a success in our eyes."