Estimado Sr. Bielsa:

On behalf of the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust, members and fans, we felt compelled to write to you to express our feelings on the overall impact you’ve had on our club.

In the short time that you and your team have been coaching Leeds United we have seen an inspirational turn around in the quality of football at Elland Road. It has been incredibly pleasing to see the unity within the club and the progress this has led to both on and off the field. Improvements to the training ground, a clear footballing ethos and a truly passionate backroom staff has gone a long way in giving this special club its identity back after years of previous mismanagement.

Whilst this season has unfortunately ended not as we’d hoped, it has been a brilliant season to be a part of. Additionally, the performances of the U18 and U23 teams has been remarkable and highlights what a bright future the club has ahead of it. We hope they are very proud of their achievements and long may it continue.

Leeds is again a city united, football has returned. Together we are loyal, we are determined, we are proud. The long history of our club is well established, but as historical, time-honoured successes fade, there is so much still to be written and we feel this has only just begun. This season alone has renewed our hope in the future and that a new chapter of our heritage is underway, we want you to remain the key part of it.

Even through difficult times and perceived injustices you have held an unparalleled level of dignity, acting always in the best interests of the club, this has not gone unnoticed among the fan base. Your passion and tireless dedication in improving the team has affirmed our trust in you and your staff.

You have our respect, our admiration and our unwavering support. We believe in your philosophy and thank you for all your efforts. Your football makes us dream again and we’re all hoping you will continue to take us on the journey in our Centenary season.

It is our hope that the board will continue to invest in the team and allow you to make the improvements you would like to give us that extra push we need for what’s going to be a very special season in 2019/2020.

Gracias Marcelo, somos nosotros contra el mundo; Marching on Together.

Muy atentamente,

Leeds United Supporters' Trust